Luca Carboni  , Gabriel Da Costa

I saw a picture of me and I didn’t recognize myself. I though: do people see me like this, am I like this?
The process starts when we press the trigger, when we click the camera button. We focus on that moment, the moment of the click. We repeat it, we freeze it and expand it, we analize the feeling inside it.
Luca Carboni and Gabriel Da Costa are developing a research  about images in our contemporary world: The Blink Experiment

How can we, nowadays, engrave our brains  with an image?  How in the act of holding the instant, we control, consume, alterate it? How in this act of staging our reality we become directors of our life to come, affecting the conception of ourselves and the future perception of our past? How the image affects our memory?

How would we like to be remebered?
The Blink experiment is a project that includes different works: live perfomances, video performances, video installations and a theatrical show.

Here, in the context of  Macrocosmi – Patterns of another order we present a live performance: This is Your point of viewand a video installation: Faces and standing figures - series 1