After Exempli Gratia, presented inside “La mano nera” exhibition held at l’Ariete artecontemporanea last January, Lemeh42 presents a new series of “scratched glasses" entitled "Holy Lines". The series consists of 35 oval scratched glasses in size 40x30 cm. Lemeh42 in this series deals with the issue of creation as a "holy act". The line itself becomes “holy” as an archetypical and primordial sign used by man to express his very existence. The artist as a creator and affirmer of his personal reality performs holy gestures because through them he creates. The creation does not take place, however, with the intention of figurative reproduction or reality recreation; as a creator, Lemeh42 scratches away layers of black paint and with this gesture of "non-painting", almost cancellation, he shapes his very personal world in which these new “portraits" from the Holy Lines series are the primordial iconographic manifestation. Self affirmations, acts of creation that do not take place, however, by addition, as in the case of painting or other forms of art in general, but for subtraction. “Creation comes from destruction and vice versa”, states Lemeh42 and in his very personal world these two terms become inseparable like one truth.