Ettore Frani

Diasistolica, is a term adopted ex novo to hold together two opposing
movements and not contemporary, which are the movements of
expansion and contraction of the heart. I wanted to compare, then,
these compositions to the vital organ par excellence, to the flow and to
the rhythmic movement that is linked to it.!

The first polyptych, Diasistolica I, was conceived starting from the
hexagonal shapes of the chemical bonds and developed trying to give a
continuous indeterminacy to the composition. We do not know if what
we are seeing is the emergence of a new aggregation or its dissolution,
but everything is in constant transformation.!

Regarding the second composition, Diasistolica II, the elements were
placed not only to create a double movement - approaching and
departing-, but also to suggest the motion of a spiral. It is an apparent
chaos, therefore, that proceeds towards a new shape, a new structure, a
new macro organism.